"He is incredible to work with and does a wonderful job personalizing his routine to fit the need of the client!"
Shanna B, Oxy Permian, TX
"You Wowed the audience!"
Rhonda Gage, Oakwood Summer Theatre, NJ
"From the minute you book Tom, he makes it easy."
Sandra Oxx, CC Arts Council,MD
"...customized the act to our group... It was perfect!"
Wendy M, Keystone Asset Management, PA
"Sometimes my crowd is hard to please, but they were blown away with Tom's performance."
Karen F, Jerr-Dan Corporation, PA

Headline Comedy Show

Customized comedy, razor-sharp lightning-fast improvisation and total audience participation all meld together to entertain and energize your group. Tom Crowl packs more laughs per minute than a stand-up comedian! Guests will be rolling in the aisles and laughing so hard they’ll wipe tears from their eyes.

Inanimate objects spring to life with more personality than you’d ever anticipate! It’s just this type of unexpected twist that makes Tom’s act so captivating and intriguing – uniting audiences, providing a welcome escape and building incredible connections among colleagues.

Contact TomYou might find a tennis ball deliberating on the finer points of public speaking, or a duck interacting with attendees while weaving tales of his marvelous adventures with your own co-workers. From the audience emerge hysterically masked human puppets – and what comes next will leave your audience bent over in hilarity.

Case Studies


It began as an event planner’s worst nightmare. In just a few hours, conference attendees would sit for a lavish awards banquet. Yet the evening’s entertainment sat stranded in Chicago, and flights were cancelled due to high winds. Frantic calls were made. Tom was available.

The two-hour drive in rush-hour congestion was just enough for Tom to set, sound check and run cues with the video projection team. He also collaborated with the client to customize his act before guests arrived in the ballroom. As dinner was served, Tom developed personalized comedy material backstage based on their brief conversation.

In the end, the audience was thrilled and the client overjoyed.

"…comments regarding your performance were very positive. …an uproariously funny ending… a very entertaining evening. …thank you again for pinch-hitting at the latest possible hour… You're a true the-show-must-go-on professional." – Ray M., National Association of Postal Supervisors

Can last-minute flight delays or lost luggage ruin your event? Tom ensures they won’t, delivering total peace-of-mind and scheduling his arrival up to 24-hours prior to performances. Event planners can relax knowing Tom is in charge – rested and ready to provide your guests with a truly memorable evening.


Ventriloquism is riding a wave of popularity! In fact, according to Forbes, the highest-grossing touring comedian is a ventriloquist. Another headlines the hottest show in Vegas. Yet, with so few professional ventriloquists, they have become a rare commodity.

So, when an event producer’s client requested a ventriloquist for a customized routine at their corporate holiday party, she quickly checked her roster and called an act. Yet, despite repeated calls, that act never called back. With the client understandably upset, the producer continued searching and soon found Tom Crowl. The rest was smooth sailing.

For Tom, events are all about his client, their company and their people. That’s why he always makes himself available by phone and e-mail, responding quickly to inquiries. Tom works with each client to ensure their evening is perfect and everyone has a fantastic time.

Tom connected with the client that afternoon, discussing their needs and assuring them the show would be a smashing success. And that it was. When the producer followed-up with Tom after the party, she had one simple message:

"They loved you!"

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